New Halo

October 26th, 2012

As ever, I’m trying to get something great from this junction, but I’m still not quite there. It’s good to get something different going on with the lighting, though. My inner lighting nerd went all retro, packed a mountain of spare batteries, and I cranked up some ancient halogen technology.

Yes, fragile glass bulbs with tenuous filaments. None of this fancy Lighting With Science here, just an evacuated glass orb with more current pumping through a bit of wire than it can reasonably handle. And, so warm, which is the point. Bright, too, though. The light I’m using is one I lusted over many years ago, before LEDs had any reasonable chance of competing with HIDs and mega-incans. It still holds up very well against the brightest pure-white glow of the newcomers, but its day is done; it eats through batteries, it’s fragile, and it’s unreasonably large.

But, such nerdery aside, Snoops and I climbed and dropped and splashed, and otherwise made our way to the junction that I’ve visited so many times in the past. It’s easy to find interesting things here, but a proper, solid shot eludes me still. Sometimes you get that image that makes you nod in approval, and acknowledge that it’s above some threshold of things that Worked Out Well, and I’m yet to get that here. The lines in here don’t quite continue from one another, and there’s no end of distracting elements. It’s easy to shoot something decent, but fiendishly hard to get that architectural precision that characterises the best results.

So, until then, more practice, more experimentation, and more trying to move away from the same ideas I’ve used over and over in the foolish expectation that things will turn out differently next time through.

And more endless charging of batteries to feed the halogen beast.

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