October 7th, 2012

Local knowledge helps a great deal at times.  People work things out over time, and get to know how to approach a location, when to do it, and what to watch out for.  And, if it comes to it, when to run like hell.

It’s amusing to recall that what turned out to be an amazing environment in its own right was merely a means to an end, and not the final goal at all.  Funny how things work, really.  We were all tense, locals and tourists alike; while we’d worked to avoid as much risk as we possibly could, the limit to which we had any power to do so was quite painfully apparent.  We moved fast, and we kept our eyes and ears open.

Few things are sweeter than hitting an exit from somewhere you feel you’ve outstayed your welcome.  Spectacle or not, we pushed out into another part of the world and left the transient tense existence behind.

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